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Creative & Cultural Director: Training Consultant.

Welcoming, Sally J Nkrumah: Creative Director of Fundamental(s) of Onua Zawadi - Community & Maternity Champion in RBKC & Westminster.

Home Educator: Mother of 3, Two Boys & a Girl, born and raised in London, UK.

As a Community Activist, having taught over the last 25 years in numerous educational establishments.

Previously a Youth Worker for Westminster City Council for over nearly 20 years, now as a Social Entrepreneur focused in Health & Wellbeing, a Qualified Personal Trainer specialising in Child Instruction, Exercise to Music, Pre & Post Natal Exercise Prescription and Chair Based Exercise.

With a strong passion for Family, Finance, Fitness and Food Security, self development and positive engagement is at the foundation of all that she does.

So "Asaase Asatena" Earth Living in Akan/Twi from Ghana, is now organisation that she is proudly and very happy to be associated with and an integral part of. 

With the ancestral legacy and spirit of her late Mother's love for food/cooking & the serving the Community strongly behind her. 

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